We have attached some documents with the permission of the North Adams Police Association which provide us all with disturbing mixed messages from the City.  (See #5 on top of page 2 from above link for the union's specific information request about the spreadsheet.)

When we were notified in December that the city had produced its own documentation that employees were paying more than our share of insurance, the Police Association asked for that document officially.  On January 7, 2009, the city refused to turn over the documents, claiming the following exemptions:

(d) inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda or letters relating to policy positions being developed by the agency; but this subclause shall not apply to reasonably completed factual studies or reports on which the development of such policy positions has been or may be based;
(e) notebooks and other materials prepared by an employee of the commonwealth which are personal to him and not maintained as part of the files of the governmental unit;  (Scroll to page 4 of these same documents to see the city's denial based on these exemptions)

to the Massachusetts Public Records law.

This denial by the city was appealed to the Supervisor of Public Records.

On July 10, the Police Association's attorney again asked for the spreadsheet that the city had refused to produce, citing the above exemptions.  On July 21, 2009, the City of North Adams responded, claiming that:  "The City does not have in its care, custody or control an analysis of its contractual obligation to health insurance." (Scroll down to the last page of these same documents, p. 11 to find this.)

It appears from the first response that there was a document that they just refused provide us, and now the city is claiming that the document does not exist. Draw your own conclusions.

Updated Oct. 24,  2009 -- Eileen Gloster
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